North to Alaska!


“My glacier can kick your cruise ship’s ass.”

Yeah, normally we try to steer clear of sounding like salespeople, but the Alaskan Cruise deals we just received made us do a double-take.

Honestly, Alaska should be on every serious traveler’s bucket list. For East Coasters with a penchant for palm trees and tiki bars like Mrs Bunny and me, the 49th state was like visiting another planet; epic, breathtakingly beautiful, and perfectly pristine and undisturbed. It wasn’t quiet, but there was very little red noise–the sounds didn’t much come from anything man made. In fact, GB contributing writer Robin Heyser was so smitten, she disappeared into the landscape for three solid months, living off the land like Grizzly Adams.

We saw glaciers like giant ice mountains that popped and cracked like gunshots, lakes so clear the water was actually invisible on calm days, and wildlife from bears to wolves to caribou to eagles to seals to moose to salmon the size of a canoe.


Pass the cream cheese.

And don’t forget the whale sightings:


Willy’s quite free.

The ships set sail from Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful cities in North America, so you’ll need your passport. Fly there directly, or land in Seattle instead to enjoy the amazing two hour drive north with expansive views of Puget Sound to the left and massive Cascade Mountains on your right.  

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